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Initiation & Beginner Level Surf Course

If you have never surfed before or want to refresh the basics of surfing, then the Iniciation & Beginner Level Surf Course is for you. We will give you an introduction into the surfing world, so that you can get confident with the medium (ocean and waves) and the surfing equipment. The surf lessons consist out of a warm up, a theoretical part (where each lesson you learn something new about the ocean and waves) and a practical part. The level reached at the beginner surf course makes you able to catch your own waves in a safe and independent manner.

The Initiation & Beginner Level Surf Courses are held at the beach of El Palmar and the 3 main beaches of Conil de la Frontera (playa de los Bateles, playa de Fontanilla and playa de Fuente del Gallo). The duration of the surf lessons is 1,5 - 2 hours and the groups have a maximum of 8 students per Surf Instructor. With little kids there will always be an extra Surf Instructor in the water!

In the Iniciation Level Surf Course you learn:

- How to lie correctly on your surfboard and find the right balance.

- How to paddle: fingers closed, from soft to strong.

- How to jump up on the board: first back foot, followed by the front foot (without using the knees).

- How to stand on the surfboard: right positioning of the feet, bent knees, back straight and

arms in front of the trunk.

- How to surf the white water: Going straight to the beach with the weight evenly balanced on the board.

- How to turn your surfboard to left or right (backside and frontside).

- How to surf a green unbroken wave.


If you can succesfully execute the above mentioned steps in a safe and controlled manner, then you are ready for the intermediate and advanced level surf course!