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Intermediate to Advanced Level Surf Course

If you want to perfect your style and learn the basic surfing manoeuvers, then the Intermediate to Advanced Surf Course is for you! We will analise your surfing (strong and weak points) so that we can improve your surfing technique and learn the new manoeuvers step by step. To take part at the Intermediate to Advanced Level Surf Course you must be able to catch green unbroken waves frontside and backside.

The Intermediate to Advanced Level Surf Courses are held at the best surfing beaches in the area like El Palmar (Vejer), Caños de Meca, Hierbabuena, playa de los Bateles, playa de Fontanilla and playa de Fuente del Gallo in Conil. Every day we choose the best surf spot with the best waves, so that you can learn in the best possible conditions. The surf lessons take place from March till November and the duration of the lessons is 1,5 - 2 hours. The groups have a maximum of 5 students / Surf Instructor.

In the Intermediate to Advanced Surf Course you learn:

- How to negotiate with breaking waves (duckdive) and making good use of the currents to get out.

- Positioning in the peak (recognizing where the waves will break).

- Catching waves before they break (Take Off) and slide down the face of the wave with the weight to the front.

- Performing of a Bottom Turn (well flexed).

- Creating speed (flexion / extension).

- Reading of the wave (searching for the part of the wave with the most curve).

- Perform basic manoeuvers (top turn, cutback, floater, reentry, etc..).