Average to advanced surf course

The surfing lessons take place the three main beaches of Conil de la Frontera (Playa de los Bateles, Playa de Fontanilla and Playa de Fuente del Gallo). Every morning we choose the best beach, with the best waves, so you learn to surf in the best possible conditions. We have 2 levels of surf courses, the initiation surf course and the average to advanced surf course. The duration of the surf lessons is about 2 hours and the groups consist of up to 8 students/surf instructor.

In the average to Advanced surf course you learn:


- How to make a duckdive (under the Golf dives with your shelf)
- Use currents to get back the Line-Up (where the waves break).
- Positioning on the peak (recognizing where the waves break)
- Drop waves before they break (Take Off) with your weight to
- Perform a Bottom Turn correctly
- Speed Creation (flexion/extension)
- Reading waves: Always find part with the most curve
- Executing basic Manoevers (cutback, floater, reentry, ENG)